Welcome to my Worlds!

One of my greatest joys in writing is creating cool new worlds.

Whether it is fantasy, sci-fi or Steampunk, I strive to create unique, original worlds.  Please take a moment to pay them a visit.

The Source Chronicles

This is the fantasy world I began in in 1998.  The world of t’Thera is a world of magic, swords and sorcery.  The Seeker, legend of a five-thousand year-old prophecy, strives to discover The Source, an incredible magic which will maintain Order, of plunge the world into Chaos.





The Vapor Rogues

This is my Steampunk world.  The one-of-a-kind world of Amasheer features elements of the classical Victorian world, amidst steam-powered, solar, and cybernetic technologies.  A world covered in a perpetual cloud layer, created by the elemental sorcerers call Maju-Orcericians, the people of the world either reside in massive floating cities, or cities atop the highest spire peaks above the cloud layer.  After more than eight centuries of the status quo, however, change is afoot, and the world will never be the same.Please note – all writing and photographs are © MJ Blehart. Please do not use any of this material without permission.

Cover Illustration
by George LaVigne