Sometimes I fancy myself a photographer.

Every photo so far posted to this site, with the exception of some of the photos of ME, are my own work.


All photos © MJ Blehart.
Please do not reprint without the photographer’s permission.


In February of 2007, I took a fairly epic roadtrip across the country. I drove from New Jersey to Arizona and back, crossing 15 states. Heading west, I mostly traveled I-40, and then I-20 to return east. I took hundreds of photos on this trek. A digital camera is a dangerous thing!

It was an odd road to get to this point – but I found myself along the Rio Grande in New Mexico.

My next stop was a state I have visited numerous times – but never this particular locale.

I was so awed by the Grand Canyon, I had to get up before sunrise to see this.

I have taken a bunch of photos in Sedona, Arizona. This would be one of my favorite places on earth to visit!

When my younger sister got married in October of 2007, she asked me to build the Chuppah for the wedding.

When I got married in 2015, since my wife and I are big fans of Doctor Who, I built us a TARDIS chuppah.

This one in particular I am rather fond of. The Atlantic Ocean from the Jersey Shore.


In May of 2009, I went on a hike at Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania.



Without fail, every summer since 1996 I have attended The Pennsic War. This is the largest SCA event going – usually drawing between 8000-12,000 people. Every year at Pennsic the heavy fighters hold a field battle. It is really pretty impressive to watch.

I have frequently played marshal for this battle, keeping the onlookers separated from the fighters. I get kinda close in the process – and get at least one good action shot!

Over time, I may add more photos to this collection.